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ABC Towing are contractors for all major insurance companies, including NTI Insurance, Australia’s largest truck insurer.

Our Heavy Tow Trucks are fully equipped with modern towing and recovery equipment so you can be assured when you require service that the ABC’s Towing fleet will have the right equipment to get it done. ABC's heavy tow trucks have up to 120 Tonne Towing Capacity and are equipped with everything required to tow any type of truck, semi trailer or bus that travels on Australia's roads.

ABC’s operators are fully trained in all aspects of Heavy Towing and Recovery, as well as being Road  Train Licensed. 

Heavy Vehicle Towing and Recovery

Recoveries can be a very difficult job for the best of operators. We conduct recoveries on all types of heavy machinery and also recovery of heavy vehicles either involved in an accident or broken down. 

We can recover your heavy vehicle minimising further damage to it, if a recovery is not done correctly, your cost of repair could be much more than originally expected.

We have the equipment and expertise necessary to help you with the tranportation of any trucks or in the case of a breakdown or accident regardless of the vehicle in question. ABC Towing have specialised in transportation and accident recovery since 1997 and continue to be the leaders in this field

Heavy Towing & Recovery

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